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Jaka Bostjancic: Music Producers Started Taking Shortcuts

Last week, we have spoken to Jaka Bostjancic, a Slovenian music producer, also known as NGHTBLD, and he said some pretty interesting things about music producers and how they all, allegedly, started taking shortcuts.

“It was never so simple for anyone to make music as it is nowadays. One day you can just decide you want to be a music producer, download a free or paid software, play around with it for an hour or so, and with some musical talent,  you can already make your first song on the first day.

It might not be amazing, but it’s a start. Next thing on your list is (at least that’s what went down for me) watching tutorials on Youtube and improving your music-making ability.

But, things change quickly, especially in the music industry, and you don’t even need to know your way around the keyboard or have to play any instrument to make solid music. You can just sample other people’s work.”

Jaka then explained what “sampling” means, how it works and why too many people “abuse” it.

“I don’t think sampling is supposed to work this way. I honestly think beatmakers started abusing it and instead of making their own melodies, they started taking shortcuts. Sampling first appeared in hiphop when beatmakers sampled other music, “chopped up” a few bits of then popular songs, and made their own versions of it. And they still do it this way today, but most beatmakers just focus on making drums these days.

What happened was that a few brands come up with a solution for struggling producers – why work hard and come up with your own melodies, if you can just take our melody loops and work on drums instead. Now almost everybody buy sample packs & loop kits, import them into their projects and layer drums over it. Then they call this an instrumental. In my opinion, this is just taking shortcuts and won’t get you far as a producer.”

These mentioned sample packs & loop kits are available on many different producer’s stores and can range in price from $10 up to $100. Jaka thinks producers are taking advantage of melody loops in order to make more beats every day, which results in more potential sales.

“It’s all okay if you don’t find inspiration some days and just decide to use a melody loop. I have nothing against that, we all have bad days. But to use loops everytime…that just doesn’t seem healthy to me. Slowly you will forget how to come up with your own melodies and your productive level will drop. And I don’t think using loops is worth all that trouble.”

He said all producers should go the extra mile and come up with their own melodies. This will, among other benefits, increase their market value and they will be able to develop their own style.

“Using loops will only get you in trouble sooner or later. What happens if you make an awesome beat using a melody loop and you score a big placement? You will have to split royalties with people who made the melody, and most of the times, they will get a bigger cut. Besides that, name one producer who got famous by only using melody loops…I bet you can’t.”



Image Credits: Jaka Bostjancic

My Thoughts On 2019 E-Commerce Business

Dropshipping (or drop in shipping) is a business model in which a company sells a product that it does not currently have for the buyer.

Instead of a traditional way of sending an object from a warehouse, a dropshipper will process a subscription, and then buy a product from a third party that will continue sending to the original customer.

Using a business model for a falling ship allows the original company to sell a wide range of products without investing in the initial startup costs that they should have differently.

While a traditional store should have purchased or manufactured its products before accepting orders from customers, dropshipping companies only ever purchase items from a third party by individual orders.

For example, a regular store can order 100 bracelets in bulk before selling them to 100 individual customers on Amazon. Dropshipper will accept an order for one bracelet, and then buy this bracelet at a cheaper price than someone else and this seller sends it directly to the customer. Dropshipper gets a profit and should never physically touch the bracelets. They simply act as an intermediary.

The number of stores using dropshipping method is growing, thanks to Kevin David (and many other online-entrepreneurs), who made it go mainstream with their online courses. If you want to learn more, check out this shopify ninja masterclass review.

Benefits of dropshipping are as follows:

  • Low startup costs: Everything that is really needed to start dropshipping business is an online store. There is no need to spend money on the storage of merchandise in the rental of products or warehouses.
  • Small team is needed: Since all orders are made by a third party, there is no need to hire additional personnel to manage inventory and marine products.
  • Time effective: After the initial setting of the storage, the less time and effort required to keep the dropshipping business in comparison to traditional trade is significantly less.

The Future of Pinterest Ads

Pinterest is on its way to become a serious competitor of Facebook and it’s attracting more and more advertisers. In this post, we’ll talk about best performing niches, why you should run ads there and more!

Why should one use Pinterest?

Pinterest, another site where you can find practically everything! Many people are confronted with random browsing through a web browser for various tips, recipes, travel, … Yes, at Pinterest you can find all this and many more. Learn why, and how to use it for the needs of your business. This video talks about best pinterest niches and what kind of Pinterest ads are doing good.

But….what is Pinterest?

Pinterest is a virtual network where you can “attach” photos and videos either from your computer or from other websites. It allows you to save and organize the most interesting things that you find or create. It is extremely easy to use. At the time of the first registration, he offers you a range of different areas, and you choose the ones that are most interested in you. You can tag or save the most interesting posts and comment on them. Each photo on the Pinterest contains a URL link to the original website where it is located. So you can easily access the website of a company, blog, etc.

Why use it?

Pinterest is a site that is visited by millions of people on it. So why not use it for the needs of your company and try some Pinterest advertising?

Pinterest can help you with:

  • Advertising products or services,
  • Increase Traffic on a Website (Each time someone clicks on the photo you posted will come to your site and the original post.),
    presence on other networks (Each visitor can share your image on other social networks.
  • Consequently, your activity will see more people, which means that you can get more followers and visitors to your site.),
  • Getting to know your visitors and customers (By using it, you get to know the latest trends and even find out what your followers like to do. You can tailor your posts to the interests and needs of your followers.)

ClickFunnels Helping Producers Sell More Beats

You might be asking yourself what on Earth is ClickFunnels. We never mentioned it here, but since it can be a big help for musicians, especially music producers, it’s finally time to talk about it.

What Is ClickFunnels

In a nutshell, ClickFunnels is like a website builder. One of the most popular ones ever made actually. It can help you build highly converting landing & opt-in pages and even comes with templates / blueprints, so you can copy what works.

In every single ClickFunnels review that I’ve read so far, I didn’t see anything about selling beats with it. That’s a shame because it can be really, really useful.

So, if you are a music producer who sell beats for a living, listen up. This might be the best post you read the entire year.

How Can Producers Utilize ClickFunnels

So, imagine you spend a lot of money on ads (which you probably do). If you send people directly to your beatstore, the majority of them WILL NOT buy right away. That’s just the reality of it, people need to see your website multiple times in order to buy.

Once you pay for that click, and they don’t buy, you just lose money. Besides that, there’s no way you can ever bring them back to your website, you lose connection with them.

Now think how much would your business grow if you could bring 70% of those people back to your website and “convince” them to buy.

That’s what ClickFunnels can do. Let me explain.

Collect Emails

The number one thing you have to do RIGHT NOW is start collecting people’s emails. You run ads and instead of paying per click, you start paying per LEAD.

With ClickFunnels you can design a beautiful landing page where people will opt-in, a.k.a give you their email in exchange for some free value. In your case, that can be a free beat or two.

Email Sequence

Then, once they signed up for your mailing list, you will start sending them more free value. Again, it can be more beats or sharing your knowledge and helping them out on their music career.

And after a couple of days you can then start talking about your beats, giving them discount codes, updates when you upload new beats, etc.

By sending them regular updates and value, you connected with them on a deeper level. They don’t see you just as a random music producer anymore, they see you as a human being that actually cares about them.

That’s why they won’t have any problem buying your beats in the future. This is how it’s done!

Best Acoustic Guitars For Beginners

So, we decided to write our first comparison of some musical gear – that would be guitars this time. Let’s take a quick look at 3 best choices for beginners and guitarists just starting out, we’ll make sure to only include budget-friendly options.

Yamaha FG830 Review – Probably the Best Guitar For Beginners

One of the reasons we picked this guitar first is its design. Most beginners will probably focus more on design, than they do on the sound quality, build quality and other things that professionals look at first.

It looks really great, sounds decent and goes for under $500, which sure is a great thing for newbies. If you want to learn more about this guitar, and many others, check out Indie HQ and their best acoustic guitars comparison.

The next guitar on our list is

Fender FA-100 Review

If you have ever been to a couple of different guitar shops, then you have probably seen this one. Heck, it is THE MOST recommended guitar for beginners to start with, and that’s definitely thanks to its price. Don’t worry, by saving money and going for this one, you won’t save on quality – it still sounds very good considering what you’re paying for it.

Seagull S6 Review

Now, this is THE choice for people who can afford a bit more than your average starter guitar. It is made by Seagull in Canada and its features most definitely justify the price tag.

While I don’t think this is a guitar that most beginner would pick, those who do will be lucky indeed.

This is it for now, hope you have a better idea of which guitar to buy. This is obviously not a whole buying guide, we didn’t intent to make one, but you can still benefit and take in everything you just learned!



Eminem’s Second Studio Album This Year

One of the most famous rappers in the world surprised fans, as he was completely unexpected on social networks saying that he had prepared a new studio album, which he called Kamikaze.

There are 13 songs on the album, which bring about 45 minutes of new material. Among them is also the composition Venom, which he prepared for the upcoming film of the same name, in which we will be able to watch, amongst others, Tom Hardy and Riza Ahmed.

This time, he decided to invite three musicians to participate in the album, so Joyner Lucas, Royce da 5’9 and Jessie Reyez, who played with Nice Guy and Good Guy, came together to host the album, with the help of Dr. Dre.

Two of the songs are long less than a minute and represent only the audio messages that Eminem exchanges with the manager Paul Rosenberg. In the first Rosenberg Eminem says that he listened to his new album, asking him, “Do you really want to mock everything that you do not like about what they have to say about you and your music? I do not know if this is good idea.”


J.Lo’s reaction to a passionate and unexpected kiss

Colombian star Malum took care we got some hot performances at this year’s MTV Video Awards. He finally spiced up his performance with a hot and passionate kiss, but luckily enough, her reaction was captioned by the cameras. Let’s take a look.

Let’s take a closer look.

Malum is at the height of fame, there is no doubt about it. 24-year-old Colombian, despite two nominations at this year’s MTV Home Music Awards, left empty-handed, leaving a big stamp on the stage. The star has entered history as the first Latin artist to perform solo and the song is entirely sung in Spanish.

He introduced himself with his big hit Felices Los 4 (the video for this song has already exceeded 1 billion views on YouTube, and the number continues to increase), and he took care of the hot performance, which included many beauties.

During the show, he mixed up the audience and there was also Camila Cabello, who was enthusiastically dancing to his Latin rhythms.

For the biggest surprise, one of the Malum dancers surprised the star at the end of the show with a hot and passionate kiss. While the other soprano was left empty-handed or without a kiss, even though she tried to do all she could to get to the singer’s hot kiss itself.

On social networks, comments emerged after the show that a kiss was not planned. If we judge the singer’s expression, it will also hold true, as this has shown astonishment. Seems like girls can hardly resist him.

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