Colombian star Malum took care we got some hot performances at this year’s MTV Video Awards. He finally spiced up his performance with a hot and passionate kiss, but luckily enough, her reaction was captioned by the cameras. Let’s take a look.

Let’s take a closer look.

Malum is at the height of fame, there is no doubt about it. 24-year-old Colombian, despite two nominations at this year’s MTV Home Music Awards, left empty-handed, leaving a big stamp on the stage. The star has entered history as the first Latin artist to perform solo and the song is entirely sung in Spanish.

He introduced himself with his big hit Felices Los 4 (the video for this song has already exceeded 1 billion views on YouTube, and the number continues to increase), and he took care of the hot performance, which included many beauties.

During the show, he mixed up the audience and there was also Camila Cabello, who was enthusiastically dancing to his Latin rhythms.

For the biggest surprise, one of the Malum dancers surprised the star at the end of the show with a hot and passionate kiss. While the other soprano was left empty-handed or without a kiss, even though she tried to do all she could to get to the singer’s hot kiss itself.

On social networks, comments emerged after the show that a kiss was not planned. If we judge the singer’s expression, it will also hold true, as this has shown astonishment. Seems like girls can hardly resist him.

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