So, we decided to write our first comparison of some musical gear – that would be guitars this time. Let’s take a quick look at 3 best choices for beginners and guitarists just starting out, we’ll make sure to only include budget-friendly options.

Yamaha FG830 Review – Probably the Best Guitar For Beginners

One of the reasons we picked this guitar first is its design. Most beginners will probably focus more on design, than they do on the sound quality, build quality and other things that professionals look at first.

It looks really great, sounds decent and goes for under $500, which sure is a great thing for newbies. If you want to learn more about this guitar, and many others, check out Indie HQ and their best acoustic guitars comparison.

The next guitar on our list is

Fender FA-100 Review

If you have ever been to a couple of different guitar shops, then you have probably seen this one. Heck, it is THE MOST recommended guitar for beginners to start with, and that’s definitely thanks to its price. Don’t worry, by saving money and going for this one, you won’t save on quality – it still sounds very good considering what you’re paying for it.

Seagull S6 Review

Now, this is THE choice for people who can afford a bit more than your average starter guitar. It is made by Seagull in Canada and its features most definitely justify the price tag.

While I don’t think this is a guitar that most beginner would pick, those who do will be lucky indeed.

This is it for now, hope you have a better idea of which guitar to buy. This is obviously not a whole buying guide, we didn’t intent to make one, but you can still benefit and take in everything you just learned!



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