You might be asking yourself what on Earth is ClickFunnels. We never mentioned it here, but since it can be a big help for musicians, especially music producers, it’s finally time to talk about it.

What Is ClickFunnels

In a nutshell, ClickFunnels is like a website builder. One of the most popular ones ever made actually. It can help you build highly converting landing & opt-in pages and even comes with templates / blueprints, so you can copy what works.

In every single ClickFunnels review that I’ve read so far, I didn’t see anything about selling beats with it. That’s a shame because it can be really, really useful.

So, if you are a music producer who sell beats for a living, listen up. This might be the best post you read the entire year.

How Can Producers Utilize ClickFunnels

So, imagine you spend a lot of money on ads (which you probably do). If you send people directly to your beatstore, the majority of them WILL NOT buy right away. That’s just the reality of it, people need to see your website multiple times in order to buy.

Once you pay for that click, and they don’t buy, you just lose money. Besides that, there’s no way you can ever bring them back to your website, you lose connection with them.

Now think how much would your business grow if you could bring 70% of those people back to your website and “convince” them to buy.

That’s what ClickFunnels can do. Let me explain.

Collect Emails

The number one thing you have to do RIGHT NOW is start collecting people’s emails. You run ads and instead of paying per click, you start paying per LEAD.

With ClickFunnels you can design a beautiful landing page where people will opt-in, a.k.a give you their email in exchange for some free value. In your case, that can be a free beat or two.

Email Sequence

Then, once they signed up for your mailing list, you will start sending them more free value. Again, it can be more beats or sharing your knowledge and helping them out on their music career.

And after a couple of days you can then start talking about your beats, giving them discount codes, updates when you upload new beats, etc.

By sending them regular updates and value, you connected with them on a deeper level. They don’t see you just as a random music producer anymore, they see you as a human being that actually cares about them.

That’s why they won’t have any problem buying your beats in the future. This is how it’s done!

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