Pinterest is on its way to become a serious competitor of Facebook and it’s attracting more and more advertisers. In this post, we’ll talk about best performing niches, why you should run ads there and more!

Why should one use Pinterest?

Pinterest, another site where you can find practically everything! Many people are confronted with random browsing through a web browser for various tips, recipes, travel, … Yes, at Pinterest you can find all this and many more. Learn why, and how to use it for the needs of your business. This video talks about best pinterest niches and what kind of Pinterest ads are doing good.

But….what is Pinterest?

Pinterest is a virtual network where you can “attach” photos and videos either from your computer or from other websites. It allows you to save and organize the most interesting things that you find or create. It is extremely easy to use. At the time of the first registration, he offers you a range of different areas, and you choose the ones that are most interested in you. You can tag or save the most interesting posts and comment on them. Each photo on the Pinterest contains a URL link to the original website where it is located. So you can easily access the website of a company, blog, etc.

Why use it?

Pinterest is a site that is visited by millions of people on it. So why not use it for the needs of your company and try some Pinterest advertising?

Pinterest can help you with:

  • Advertising products or services,
  • Increase Traffic on a Website (Each time someone clicks on the photo you posted will come to your site and the original post.),
    presence on other networks (Each visitor can share your image on other social networks.
  • Consequently, your activity will see more people, which means that you can get more followers and visitors to your site.),
  • Getting to know your visitors and customers (By using it, you get to know the latest trends and even find out what your followers like to do. You can tailor your posts to the interests and needs of your followers.)
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