Last week, we have spoken to Jaka Bostjancic, a Slovenian music producer, also known as NGHTBLD, and he said some pretty interesting things about music producers and how they all, allegedly, started taking shortcuts.

“It was never so simple for anyone to make music as it is nowadays. One day you can just decide you want to be a music producer, download a free or paid software, play around with it for an hour or so, and with some musical talent,  you can already make your first song on the first day.

It might not be amazing, but it’s a start. Next thing on your list is (at least that’s what went down for me) watching tutorials on Youtube and improving your music-making ability.

But, things change quickly, especially in the music industry, and you don’t even need to know your way around the keyboard or have to play any instrument to make solid music. You can just sample other people’s work.”

Jaka then explained what “sampling” means, how it works and why too many people “abuse” it.

“I don’t think sampling is supposed to work this way. I honestly think beatmakers started abusing it and instead of making their own melodies, they started taking shortcuts. Sampling first appeared in hiphop when beatmakers sampled other music, “chopped up” a few bits of then popular songs, and made their own versions of it. And they still do it this way today, but most beatmakers just focus on making drums these days.

What happened was that a few brands come up with a solution for struggling producers – why work hard and come up with your own melodies, if you can just take our melody loops and work on drums instead. Now almost everybody buy sample packs & loop kits, import them into their projects and layer drums over it. Then they call this an instrumental. In my opinion, this is just taking shortcuts and won’t get you far as a producer.”

These mentioned sample packs & loop kits are available on many different producer’s stores and can range in price from $10 up to $100. Jaka thinks producers are taking advantage of melody loops in order to make more beats every day, which results in more potential sales.

“It’s all okay if you don’t find inspiration some days and just decide to use a melody loop. I have nothing against that, we all have bad days. But to use loops everytime…that just doesn’t seem healthy to me. Slowly you will forget how to come up with your own melodies and your productive level will drop. And I don’t think using loops is worth all that trouble.”

He said all producers should go the extra mile and come up with their own melodies. This will, among other benefits, increase their market value and they will be able to develop their own style.

“Using loops will only get you in trouble sooner or later. What happens if you make an awesome beat using a melody loop and you score a big placement? You will have to split royalties with people who made the melody, and most of the times, they will get a bigger cut. Besides that, name one producer who got famous by only using melody loops…I bet you can’t.”



Image Credits: Jaka Bostjancic

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